• A Smart Way to Care

    Relevant and timely information for those that you care for the most

    Know better what really shakes Susan up!

    Information that helps have conversations early

    A diagnosis of early stage Parkinson’s doesn’t keep 79-year-old Susan from enjoying her lifetime love of painting. Together with her children, she decided to place CuraSene smart sensors in her home shortly after she was diagnosed. This provided them both with much needed peace of mind.

    Less than a month later Susan slipped and fell, breaking her arm. The sensors recognized this and sent a message to the smartphone of her eldest son who after taking action based on the information provided, resulted in help arriving quickly.

    For seniors living alone

    • Live at home safely with peace of mind
    • Monitor your activity without using cameras
    • Determine who can see what information

    For family caregivers

    • Peace of mind
    • Be informed when you want, as much as you want, and take action based on data received
    • Gain insight through the activity monitoring app

    For home/professional caregivers

    • Better understanding of your client's health without violating their privacy