• About CuraSene™ and DDC

    CuraSene™ is a service of Data Driven Care, Inc.


    DDC has a mission to deliver data driven care for the elderly aging in place. Innovating with a robust data collection and management platform focused on professional and individual caretaker’s needs.


    Specific care requirements are developed through the aggregation of direct sensor data, demographic data, and the development of synthetic data.

    What Curasene Provides

    CuraSene, pronounced ‘Koo-Rah-Seen’, meaning 'Caring of Elderly' in Latin, is the first service to be introduced to the ‘Aging in Place’ market by Data Driven Care, Inc ("DDC"), a data management platform designed to gather and enhance an elderly individual’s activity information. Activity data is compiled into a “Daily Life Activity Score” (“DLAS”). This score presents a caregiver with an awareness of the elderly’s activity patterns and history. This information allows proactive insights to allow “Aging In Place” to occur more affordably.


    By collaborating with partners, DDC provides additional ways to share data awareness with the caregiver. This ultimately allows for a greater quality of life for the elderly.

    The Platform

    The DDC Aging in Place Software as a Service ("AiPSaaS") Platform that delivers the various CuraSene service offerings, uses wireless and internet technology to collate direct sensor data and metadata associated to user demographics. These are used with synthetic data to provide the DLAS.


    The aim is to give caregivers an on-going metric of timely and valuable information. Armed with a log of the past and a projection of the future, caregivers can customize additional tools or assistance as needed.


    This strategy keeps aging in place and autonomy as options for as long as possible.

    Base Service

    DDC’s base service, CuraSene is to be installed in the homes of seniors that are living alone however offered to caretakers such as children, family, friends or organizations that have a desire to be made aware when their loved one or customer begins to show signs of frailty but still is capable to care for themselves in their own home.


    The sensors, not cameras, will be minimal, unobtrusive, passive, and immediately connected to the DDC Cloud. The core service is a subscription provided to the caretakers of the elderly with augmented services available as developed or integrated.

    Going Beyond with Partners

    DDC will build its AiPSaaS platform and succeed by establishing partnerships with providers of various solutions already offering “silo-based” services to the elderly.


    The company will be able to significantly enhance its data collection capabilities without the cost of development of these additional services.


    The goal is to become the trusted platform to elderly individuals that are aging in place and their direct caregivers. Additional services offered will add value to the core offering and revenues to the company.