• Caring of Elderly Made Simple

    Easy Way to Support "Aging in Place" for Individual and Non-Skilled Managed Care Professionals

    CuraSene Self-Learns Baseline Behavior in 2 weeks, is Easy to Install, and for Non-Skilled Managed Care Professionals, a Case Manager Portal to care for many individuals that are 'aging in place' is always available.

    Self-Learning System - Through a phone App, CuraSene provides an overview of the activities of daily living (ADL) to caregivers of those that are aging in place. The intelligent software learns to recognize a senior’s daily routine and only alerts children, friends, or neighbors (e.g. caregiver) when it is truly warranted.

    Underlying core technology is based on academic research - The sensor technology, including the self-learning algorithms and reporting on the activities of daily living is based on 7 years of science with 1000’s of individuals living across 100’s of assisted living facilities in Holland, collecting millions of data points.


    In 2019, Data Driven Care licensed the technology that is now being made available to caregivers of those that are ‘aging in place’. It is also available to patients of home health organizations that are looking for a way to passively understand how a patient is recovering after being discharged after a medical procedure, thus improving the recovery of the patient and improving outcomes.

    Easy Install - Once you decide that the CuraSenesolution (HomePlus or HomePlus Pro) is right for your loved one, we will work with you to get started with being able to collect relevant data. As a caregiver, you will soon be able to make timely decisions that will improve the quality of life for your loved one that is ‘aging in place’. Although the CuraSene HomePlus sensors are designed to be self-installed in less than 30 minutes, professional installation is available.

    If you elect to have the CuraSeneTM HomePlus kit professionally installed, our partners will make sure that all of the sensors are installed correctly in the home, that they are communicating via the Internet to our cloud and ensure optimal performance.


    To complete the process, they will walk you through the process of downloading the CuraSene App, setting up alerts and explaining how CuraSene App works.

    CuraSene™ HomePlus Pro, is a specialized solution offered to professional caregivers who want to have the data on individuals
    under their care.


    Individuals each are accessed through a dashboard that their call center is monitoring at all times. Onsite training is required.

    Privacy is Protected - CuraSene Home Plus solution respects user privacy. We do not use cameras or microphones in the home.