• CuraSeneTM ("Caring of Elderly")

    Technology that provides better care and peace of mind for living independently

    CuraSene™ HomePlus enables the elderly living alone to remain safely at home, for as long as possible. A service of Data Driven Care, CuraSene is an easy to use solution that provides valuable information to children, friends, or neighbors of a loved one who lives alone.


    The data provided can indicate that ‘all is good’, that ‘something needs attention’, or that ‘something urgent needs attention now’.

    Preventive Care Data - CuraSeneTM HomePlus is the easiest way for caregivers, who cannot be physically present, to have peace of mind about an individual’s safety.


    In addition, CuraSeneTM HomePlus also alerts to potential health risks such as an increased risk of falling or of possible dehydration in the summer.


    Early identification of these risks allows for actions to be taken to change behavior and prevent potential harm.

    Alerts from CuraSene™ - Unlike other similar solutions, CuraSene HomePlus is ‘self-learning’. It ‘passively’ collects all types of data using various types of sensors. Passive means no cameras are used and there is no need for any wearable types of devices. After an initial period of learning that establishes a ‘norm’, detection of activity that is outside of the ‘normal self-learned behavior’ of the individual that is being cared for is shared with caregivers.


    Examples of the types of negatively trending detection that are shared with caregivers include:

    • Falling, based on inactivity
    • Not getting home in the evening
    • Wandering during the night
    • Not getting up in the morning
    • Remaining in the bathroom
    • Food intake seems to be lower 
    • A reduction in the walking speed within the home
    • Increase bathroom activity, particularly in the evening
    • Difficulty with sleeping the recommended number of hours