• General FAQs

    We have been asked a number of questions regarding the CuraSeneTM offering and are providing the top questions and answers below, but, if you still have questions, please drop us a note or chat with us if someone is available.

    What does the CuraSene do exactly?

    CuraSene is a service that aims to help seniors stay at home as long as possible. With home- installed motion and activity sensors, CuraSene monitors the lifestyle patterns of elderly people who live by themselves. With a phone App, a caregiver can keep an eye on their loved one and receive notifications of unusual or worrisome behavior.

    How do the alarm notifications work?

    CuraSene offers passive alarming and in some cases direct alarming. Passive alarming means that the system sends a signal to the caregiver if there is a change in the resident’s usual behavior that is not urgent but still poses a health risk.


    If the system does not register any activity for a longer than usual time, an immediate notification will be sent to the caregiver as there may be an urgent health risk. This is a direct alarm.

    How does the App work?

    The CuraSene HomePlus App will always show where the resident was last seen, what the status in the home is, the daily activities of the resident in the last three days and trend graphs over longer periods.


    The caregiver will receive notifications if there are changes in learned behavior. There can be multiple caregivers. In the settings, you can also freely customize which activities/notifications you wish to receive.

    Does the system work for couples and others who live together?

    The most precise use of the CuraSene system is when it there is only an individual living alone. However, when there is a couple living together, the CuraSene system will learn the behavior of the couple, which experience has proven, that couples living together for the most part share their routines.

    Do I also need a bed sensor?

    By having the Bed Sensor, the data collected will enable the CuraSene system to provide information on sleeping behavior of the resident.


    With a bed sensor, you will always be able to see exactly when the individual goes in and out of bed and even schedule a notification in the event that the individual does not return to their bed within a present number of minutes. It is offered as an option at an additional price.

    Is it hard to install the sensor kit myself?

    If you are installing the CuraSene kit for the first time, it could take you up to 1 hour. However, after a few installs, it is possible to install the entire CuraSene kit within 30 minutes.


    The kit is designed for easy installation for anyone who can follow written directions.

    Can you assist me with my installation?

    Yes, happy to.


    Once you have started your installation and have completed the self-install process as found within the CuraSene App, and you are experience a problem, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service center by phone every day between 8AM and 9PM Central Time at 1-888-723-9772 for assistance.

    Which data of mine do you register?

    When you use our CuraSene system, we will possess some of your data.


    This data is purely used to support you as a caregiver customer and to analyze/improve our system.


    Your data is never provided to any third party.

  • Privacy FAQs

    Your information is just that, your information, and with CuraSene, by design, you are the one that decides who has access to your information.

    Which data of mine do you register?

    When you use our CuraSene system, we will possess some personal contact data (name and address, phone number, email, bank data) of the resident and the care giver. This data is only used to manage your account as long as it is active. Beside this, all sensor data of active sets are temporarily stored on our deeply secured server. This data is purely used to support you as a caregiver customer and to analyze/improve our system. Your data is never provided to any third party. Click here to access our Privacy Policy.

    Do you share any of my data with third parties?



    All personal data and sensor data are purely used by us to provide you the CuraSene service, and for analysis and improvement of our new products/services. In no way will we share your data without your consent.

    Do you use cameras or microphones?



    CuraSene passively gathers data utilizing 2 types of sensors, motion and access. The CuraSene service does not utilize any types of cameras or microphones. The sensors have been created only to detect movement and access. Our bed sensor is auditive, but it is only capable of noticing the individual’s heartbeat while he or she is in bed.

    How do you secure the data collected?

    We take the security of our systems and data very serious. That’s why all our connections are deeply encrypted and held to the same security standards as for instance those of major banks. All registered data are saved on a heavily secured data center in an undisclosed location.

    How long do you keep the data of my system?

    After your subscription is ended, all the sensor data of the used system will be temporarily kept on our server for general analysis and improvement of our products and services. However, the data is detached from the specific set/user, so it is completely anonymilzed.


    After your subscription ends, there is no way to trace specific sensor data back to the original former user. If at any time during your subscription or at the end of it, you wish us to permanently delete data, please contact our customer service to do so.

  • Ordering FAQs

    Helping you place an order for the CuraSeneTM sensors kit or Bed Sensor or making sure that is delivered as quickly as possible so that you can start keeping an eye on someone you care for that is living alone ('aging in place') is important for all of us.

    How do I place an order online?

    All orders for subscription and sensors can be placed through the Curasene.com website store.


    However, you can also contact customer service center by phone every day between 8AM and 9PM Central Time at 1-888-723-9772 for assistance in placing or asking questions about your order.

    Can a sales agent place an order for me when calling for information on CuraSene?

    Yes. We are here to assist you with online ordering and we can do it all for you.

    How long does it take to get the CuraSene sensors kit delivered?

    Typically, once the order is processed, your CuraSene sensors kit will arrive within five (5) business days. Our ordering system will automatically notify you via e-mail as the shipment departs our facility and when delivered.

    I placed my order yesterday. When can I expect it to arrive?

    As mentioned above, orders can take up to five (5) business days to arrive, however, check the e-mail account that you used when placing the order because our ordering system will automatically provide you updates.