• The CuraSeneTM Mobile App

    Real-time access to the status of those that you love and are caring for remotely, or are professionally caring for, is important to CuraSeneTM, and you taking full advantage of the CuraSeneTM Mobile App is important to us.

    Q1: What do I do if the CuraSene App shows an activity or notification that I think is incorrect?

    Are you in doubt about the correctness of a notification/event in the CuraSene App, or are you missing data that you expected to be there? We will be glad to help you out with this. It will help if you can tell us as specifically as possible why you feel that the data is incorrect.


    Think of the exact time of the (missing) notification, who was in the home at the time and when. Any pictures of the location of a specific sensor and print screens of the CuraSene App can help as well.


    Please be aware: the activity of the hall, living room and hobby room sensors will only be visible in the ‘Last seen in’ screen. These sensors don’t generate any specific activity in the App. So. it is correct that you don’t see them there. For help, you can reach our customer service center by phone every day between 8AM and 9PM Central Time at 1-888-723-9772 for assistance. Or, send us an email at support@CuraSene.com

    Q2: What does ‘Seen at the door’ mean?

    The notification ‘Seen at the door’ is shown when the outer door of the home opens and closes while the sensors noticed movement in the home before and after the door was opened. So, for instance, if the resident opens the door to receive a package from someone, of if a visitor to the home enters or leaves, while the resident remains in the home, this notification will be shown.

    So, to be clear, this is a different notification than ‘Went inside/Went outside’. In those cases, the resident came home while the house was empty or if the resident left the home, with no one left inside. Under Settings > Activities, you can choose to receive the notifications of ‘Seen at the door’ in the CuraSene App or not.

    Q3: How do I set up the wander notification?

    You can set up one or multiple periods of time, during which you will instantly receive a notification if the resident leaves the home. You will find this option under Settings > Notifications > Activities (urgent notifications). Switch the wander alert to on and then click on the little wheel to add an active period for wander detection.

    Q4: How do I add/remove another CuraSene App user?

    The main user of the CuraSene App is the person who scanned the QR code to activate the system when it was installed.

    Due to privacy considerations, this code can only be scanned once. The main user can invite others to start using the App and remove users. This can be done in two ways:

    * Via the App (go to Settings > Invite user)
    * Via our website (4th Quarter 2019)

    The invited person will then receive an email with a link to create their own password. When succeeded, the user can now log in to the CuraSene App with their own account.

    Q5: Why don’t I see any events in the CuraSene App for the living room, hall and hobby room?

    The sensors in these rooms are essential for the entire system to function properly. The data that these sensors register are used to calculate several results, such as the walking speed of the resident. However, it is true that they don’t generate any events.

    The main reason is that these sensors (rooms) are not linked to any specific health related topics, as opposed to the kitchen, toilet and sleeping activities.


    A presence in the living room does not say much in and of itself. Besides this, the resident is detected in for instance the living room each time he or she moves. If these detection were to lead to events, the App would be flooded with these kinds of events, not making it convenient to use anymore. So, no need to worry, these sensors are doing their job in the background.