• Get to Know CuraSeneTM

    We have been asked a number of questions regarding the CuraSeneTM offering and are providing the top questions and answers below, but, if you still have questions, please drop us a note or chat with us if someone is available.

    Q1: What does the CuraSene system do exactly?

    Using motion detecting sensors that are installed in a home, the CuraSene system monitors the lifestyle patterns of elderly people who live by themselves. A caregiver can keep an eye on their loved one using the phone App. He or she will also receive notifications in the App if there is unusual or worrisome behavior. So CuraSene is an effective tool to support both elderly people who want to live in their own home as long as possible, and the caregiver who wants to be sure that their loved one is doing well without visiting or calling them constantly.

    By continuously receiving all the sensor data, the smart software ‘learns’ to know the normal patterns of the resident and adjusts to it. This helps to reduce false notifications by 90%. Less false alarms means a better and swifter reaction when there really is an issue, so more safety.

    Q2: How do the alarm notifications work?

    CuraSene offers passive alarming and in some cases direct alarming. Passive alarming means that the system sends a signal to the caregiver if there is a change in the resident’s usual behavior that is not urgent but still poses a health risk. If for instance the kitchen or toilet activity suddenly increase, the caregiver will receive a notification of that in the App. But also, if the system does not register any activity for a longer than usual time, a notification will be sent to the caregiver. In that case there may be an urgent health risk, like the resident has fallen to the ground.

    Besides this, the caregiver can make use of a wander detection functionality. Using this, you can always receive a notification when the resident leaves the home within a period of time that the caregiver has marked as not desirable.

    Q3: How does the falling detection work?

    The system registers movements. If the elderly individual falls to the ground and is out of the view of the sensors, the system, in no longer detecting movement, will begin to count down. If the regular period of no movement is exceeded (which is set by the caregiver), the system will send an In-App notification of suspicious inactivity. Therefore, the system does not provide immediate fall detection, but it provides passive fall detection, preventing the scenario where the resident is on the floor a long time without being helped.

    Q4: How does the App work?

    The caregiver downloads the CuraSene HomePlus App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store (Android). The CuraSene HomePlus App will always show where the resident was last seen and how the status in the home is, the daily activities of the resident in the last three days and trend graphs over longer periods. Within the first 2 to 3 weeks after installation of the system, it will self-learn the usual behavior of the individual being cared for.


    After that, the caregiver will receive notifications if there are changes in the learned behavior, an example being a change in the walking speed or toilet activity. There can be multiple caregivers. The one individual that installs the system will, through the settings within the CuraSene HomePlus App invite other caregivers. In the settings, you can also freely customize which activities/notifications you wish to receive.

    Q5: Why is there no sensor in the bedroom?

    The system is built up of several sensors throughout the home and draws conclusions about the sleeping time of the resident based on the lack of movement around night time. It does not need a sensor in the bedroom for this. In fact, a sensor in the bedroom would likely notice the resident turning in their sleep and wrongfully assume that the resident was out of bed.

    For residents who are bed stricken, need professional care during the night and/or have a high risk of falling, more specific info on sleeping patterns may be desirable. In that case a bed sensor can be added to the system, which is placed underneath the mattress. This sensor is auditive and registers the resident’s heartbeat. With a bed sensor, you always know exactly when the resident is in and out of bed.

    Q6: How do I know if the system works for me and/or my loved one?

    Whether the elderly individual(s) living alone is a single person or a couple, the CuraSene system will provide notifications when the learned behavior changes. When there is only one individual living alone, the notifications received are exact, as the learned behavior is on a single individual. However, when there are two (2) individuals living alone, although the notification is received based on a change of the learned behavior, the caregiver will, by having a conversation with the elderly couple, discuss the notification and work to assess which individual is actually having the changed learned behavior.


    A continuous Internet connection is needed and there needs to be at least one caregiver with a smartphone available to use the App.

    Q7: Does the system work for couples and others who live together?

    To the most precise use the CuraSene system is when it there is only an individual living alone. However, when there is a couple living together, the CuraSene system will learn the behavior of the couple which experience has proven that couples living together for the most part share their routines. Therefore, in an instance when the learned behavior of, for example toilet use change, the caregiver will need to ask leading question(s) in order to determine which individual is impacting the learned behavior.

    Q8: How do I know if the sensors in my kit will be enough?

    The CuraSene HomePlus sensor kit is designed to be installed within a typical 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home. The CuraSene HomePlus sensors kit includes 8 sensors and our website has a great illustration showing how the sensors are placed within the home. If the home is bigger with multiple exits, toilets and perhaps even an extra study or hobby room, then additional sensors can be purchased as adding these sensors will provide more precise data on the activities within the home of the elderly that is being cared for remotely.

    Q9: Do I also need a bed sensor?

    The CuraSene HomePlus sensors kit does not include the Bed Sensor, however, the Bed Sensor is offered at an additional price. By having the Bed Sensor, the data collected will enable the CuraSene system to provide information on sleeping behavior of the resident. This suffices in situations where the resident is still walking well and shows no signs of dementia.


    Is the resident bed-ridden or does he/she have a high risk of falling? Is there a chance that the resident with dementia will go wandering through the house at night and you want to see what is going on? Then a bed sensor is highly recommended and a must-have upgrade. With a bed sensor, you will always be able to see exactly when the individual goes in and out of bed and even schedule a notification in the event that the individual does not return to their bed within a present number of minutes which is set-up using the CuraSene HomePlus App.

    Q10: Is it hard to install the CuraSene HomePlus Sensors kit myself?

    Have you ever connected an Internet modem before and are you able to attach something like a picture to the wall? Then you will also be able to install our CuraSene sensors.


    If you choose to install the sensors by yourself, a video within the App will guide you step-by-step through the installation. To watch that video now and see how easy the sensors installation could be, click here to watch the video [NEED URL]. If you like instructions, click here to download our Quick Start Guide.


    Finally, if you are experiencing any problem with the installation, you can call our support center, 7 days a week, 9AM-6PM Central Time.

    Q11: How is the monthly subscription paid?

    When you order a CuraSene set from our website, you will purchase a monthly subscription and authorize us to withdraw the monthly subscription fee from your financial institution of choice.

    Q11: Does my health insurance cover the use of CuraSene?

    Although CuraSene could be considered a remote health monitoring service, you will need to check with your doctor or insurance company to determine any possible reimbursement.