• Independent Living or Retirement Communities

    For seniors who opted to live in an Independent Living or Retirement Community, CuraSene can be an invaluable tool for community staff or on-site caregivers, even for those whose loved one is in the facility, to stay apprised of a resident’s baseline behaviors and reduce unnecessary well visits.


    After an initial period of learning that establishes a ‘norm’, detection of activity that is outside of the ‘normal self-learned behavior’ of the individual that is being cared for is shared with caregivers.

    Timely Information Improves Care and Quality of Life

    Examples of the types of negatively trending detection that are shared with caregivers include:

    • Falling, based on inactivity
    • Not getting home in the evening
    • Wandering during the night
    • Not getting up in the morning
    • Remaining in the bathroom
    • Food intake seems to be lower
    • A reduction in the walking speed within the home
    • Increase bathroom activity, particularly in the evening
    • Difficulty with sleeping the recommended number of hours

    Data to Drive Proactive Care Is Always Better

    By monitoring such behaviors in real-time and remotely, caregivers can be proactive to needed care and limit unnecessary face to face visits which can help reduce exposure to germs and ailments.


    The CuraSene caregiver app is also a great resource for loved ones to have peace of mind and better understand their parent(s)’ health and changes in behaviors in real time so that they only need to contact facility staff and caregivers as needed.