• Self-Help Support

    This Self-Help Support section is for subscribers that have already had their CuraSene HomePlus Kit purchased.


    If you are experiencing a problem and are not able to resolve the problem after reviewing information presented here, please feel free to reach us by clicking the Live Chat link that is on every page of this site or through our Call Center.

    Open every day between 9AM and 8PM Central Time 1-888-723-9772.


    The Top Questions on Installation, Service Use, The App and Subscription Account

    Kit Installation

    The CuraSene HomePlus Residential Sensors Kit is designed to be self-installed, but, we understand that sometimes things don't always go as planned.


    Click here to get information on the installation of the sensors kit.

    The App

    Once you have downloaded the CuraSene HomePlus app onto your smartphone, it is important that you get the most out of the App and what the CuraSene HomePlus service offers.


    Click here to get the most out of the CuraSene HomePlus app.

    Service Use

    The CuraSene HomePlus service is very reliable, but, sometimes things don't work as they should..


    Click here to learn how to resolve issues that can occur.

    Your Account

    We understand that from time to time, situations can change, so, whether a sensor broke or stops working, or need to change a credit card, or even suspend your account, we understand.


    Click here to look at how we can get these life changes fixed quickly and smoothly.